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Why Choose CRP. 


We are the DISRUPTORS in the industry.  We are single handedly giving Medical Underpayments a priority seat at the C-Suite Executive Table.  The Healthcare Space doesn't even know they NEED OUR PRODUCT.  WHY?  Because every other player is only recovering the industry average of around 5% of Revenues. So with the processing fees included, the C-Suite Executive have just not been defining Medical Underpayments as a priority. But we have an average recovery of 22% of Carrier Revenues.  And that is a REAL GAME CHANGER.  


Our Proprietary Software includes a colossal Contract Modeler that is designed to "plug and play" proposed reimbursement scenarios, rates, and contract terms using historical claim utilization data to determine revenue outcomes based on a provider's specific case/service mix. This valuable tool allows the healthcare provider to assess the Payer's contract proposal's impact and identify every imaginable opportunity to maximize revenue.


Our team of seasoned professionals having worked in administration, operations and contracting with major Payers and Consulting Services as well as contract negotiations services, all work together with our software development team to write the custom algorithms overlay, to the Contract Modular, to ensure all resulting data is specific to the client's contract rates and terms producing the most accurate forensic analysis in the business.


We get these exceptional results because after our software algorithms are executed, our team of experts then review the identified variances in the actual reimbursements versus the payer's contractual obligation.  


As the Healthcare Providers partner, we will work closely with their staff to strategize and devise a plan to proceed with recovering revenue lost due to underpaid, suspended and incorrectly denied claims. 

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